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This is a blog about music. Here we review new music, replay older tracks and mash them together. Here we geek out over livestreams and collabs. We post loads of indie, alternative, rock, hip hop and pop music, but you’ll find a little of everything here. Twin music aficionados run this blog. This is The SMP. What We're Listening To (9/9 - 9/16): The Head and The Heart, Chance The Rapper, Modest Mouse, Grouplove, and Real Estate. Listen to some tunes here! music fans drooling

Falling in Love With Myself Again


Artist: Sparks
Track: Falling in Love With Myself Again
Album: Kimono My House
Year: 1974
Theme: Narcissism

The Writhing South

across the room, across the room.
i hope to watch you writhe again soon.

Say Anything - The Writhing South

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POZ Gallery: Riot Fest Denver (1/3)
Features: ALL, City And Colour, Dads, Descendents, Dropkick Murphy’s, Face To Face, The Flaming Lips
Location: Sports Authority Field at Mile High - Denver, CO 
Photos By: Jered Scott

Adventures Close To Home


The Raincoats - Adventures Close To Home



after a year and a half of playing games, im finally releasing my EP!!!

i cant even really say that i was playing games tho because so much has happened in my life 

  • fell in love
  • said fuck that
  • moved 2000 miles away from home (La to NYC)
  • pissed on college
  • learned to love and take care of myself
  • fucked the hottest bwoy in north america
  • met my faves
  • did hella shows
  • blah blah blah

so its been me living my life and ive turned that into a body of work that is ready to be shared with the world

my musical influences have changed

im going to try to be precise and say that the main ones for this project are bone thugs n harmony, gospel music (i love the juxtaposition of hood life and religion), and travis scott

one of my friends (and a fellow female rapper) said that she wanted to hear more about my personal life so i did that shit in my own lofty lil way

producers: smitty the bg, staveley kuzmanov, luke bonds, and thesealab2012

mixed by: mmona, jimmy v

its lit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Arcade Fire - Pop vs. Jock 2014


Arcade Fire - Pop vs. Jock 2014

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The Colourist - Tonight (Young Hearts)

Summer doesn’t really feel like summer unless there’s a plethora of saccharine and cheesy pop tunes to go along with it - in my opinion, at least. 

I was in Forever 21 the other day which was a little strange for me and this song came on.  I had mentioned to a friend about how summer-y it sounded and she responded with a simple, “Yeah, they talk about not wanting the night to end”  We eventually Shazam’d the song and figured out who the artist was.  

The Colourist is a band from Orange County (despite spelling ‘colour’ with the British spelling) and have been around since 2009.  The song itself comes from their self-titled album.

Hope you have a good Saturday!


Mick Jenkins feat. Chance the Rapper & Vic Mensa - Crossroads

Little May - Hide


Artwork on At Home He’s A Tourist, by Gang Of Four

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